DueNorth Systems

Connecting People, Ideas, and Experience in Pursuit of a Higher Education

What we do is build

The what is great, what's more important for us is the why we do this work. Thats nice, lets skip the sales pitch and just tell you WHY we do what we do.

Education is in everything we do and everywhere we look. Marketing professionals instruct us on what we’re missing in our lives, caregivers mentor us in life, and school teaches us how to get through it all.
We believe the best education happens when we can make a human connection along the way. Someone to show the ‘how’ while we discover the ‘what’. It's not always easy though; often times the same technology we created to make our lives better, is the very thing that widens the divide between teaching and learning.
We have made it our mission to bridge that gap. We aim to use innovative technologies coupled with machine learning to manage the processes and workflows that come with various forms of education; resulting in less screen time, and more people time while pushing the limits of digital efficiency.